The Pre-Montessori Room

Here children are introduced to the Montessori Method. There is plenty of visually stimulating materials to keep little minds and hands busy. The children are introduced to circle time helping to develop their imagination and concentration.

Montessori Room 3-5 years

A busy room filled with visually stimulating materials and equipment for those interested, keen little minds. Children are encouraged to become more independent, express their emotions and creative ability and develop their imagination which will equip them with the skills they will need later on providing an atmosphere in which your child can flourish.


The school offers children the opportunity to learn through play, using specially designed equipment. To develop social skills and graces, to integrate with other children learning that sharing is caring. To become independent, progress, grow and mature emotionally and physically in superb surroundings that will provide an exciting and challenging environment for your child. It encourages confidence, and the desire to discover and achieve more through the experience of the senses in an exciting and stimulating way. Fully qualified teachers in the Montessori Method help your children develop their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. Children will need to be toilet trained before moving on to this room.


We aim to have your child developed and as ready for school as they possibly can be. By introducing skills and methods, this will help to ease the transition into primary school. As always, our staff are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your child.

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